Economic and Social Benefits of Authenticity

With all the buzz about authenticity nowadays, execution is paramount. The right images and messages must provide a compelling emotional connection to the experience in order to motivate consumer behavior.

Authenticity as a core strategy for differentiating a destination is a valuable marketing platform and economic driver, discussed in our Case Studies.  This sustainable business model will genuinely give the destination life and distinction as it reflects the destination’s natural assets, environment and community values. The economic and social benefits are pervasive and measurable. 

Bringing the Destination to Life through Authenticity

Differentiating a destination based on authenticity and the local perspective has been proven successful to garner community involvement in a destination’s long-term tourism promotion effort. When the marketing program relies on local characters and local businesses to help bring the destination to life authentically, locals begin to have a better understanding of the economic impact of tourism. A fully aligned tourism plan can be used as a unifying point for the destination that can lead to the overall support of the marketing program and participation. The sense of community pride that is cultivated by this new marketing approach can also directly enhance customer service at all levels for visitors and locals alike.

The benefits of authentic marketing campaigns are considerable from leveraging business, economic development and tourism agency budgets and resources, to building community support for tourism. Above all, authenticity helps to educate the traveling public about the importance of preserving a destination’s natural, artistic, cultural and recreational assets during their visit in order to maintain the destination’s distinctive nature and culture – a critical and important social tenet for local residents and a long-term point of contention.

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